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School Sisters of Notre Dame Nursing Home

This story is special to us because it exemplifies why we do this work and the relationships we build with our customers in the process. To keep this story short; Villa Assumpta had a coronavirus outbreak among patients and staff (about 30 people in total contracted COVID). We came in, established a course of action and provided disinfecting support 3 days a week for about a month. On our last day at the nursing home, Villa Assumpta had ZERO contamination’s within their space. To go from 30 to zero in the course of a month is unheard of and we were humbled to be apart of that process. This is manageable guys; with the right team, the right tools and dedication we can help you to feel secure! Like sister Betty said, we love our clients like family, and since the very beginning, we are truly in this for you! #FarNotFast

PCI Strategic Management

Not only is it about a service you can trust, it’s about a service that makes your life easier. Our technicians are trained in detail; so you have as little preparation work to do as possible. We’ll get to every surface/space we need to access and we’ll be sure not to leave an inch untreated. When it comes to our customers, we have made a commitment to providing the best experience in the business! #FarNotFast

Vaughn Greene Funeral Home

First & Last Restoration provides safety to Vaughn Greene Funeral Service during the most uncertain of times. Early in the morning or late at night; we will be there to make sure your company is beyond taken care of! #FarNotFast

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