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What to Do If Your Toilet Overflows and Causes Water Damage In Baltimore

Overflowing toilets have often been a source of comedy in movies and television, but water damage is no laughing matter. There are a variety of reasons that homeowners and businesses may experience overflowing toilets in Baltimore. Some may be easier to fix than others, but in either case, it’s important that home and business owners act quickly to resolve the issue. Otherwise, they could be dealing with some costly water damage repairs. 

Unfortunately, many people panic in the moment, and they aren’t sure of how they should handle toilet overflow water damage in Baltimore. This blog will serve as a guide for both residential and commercial toilet backups.   

Do NOT Flush

For most people, flushing an overflowing toilet is the first natural reaction. This is not the response to have, though. Flushing a toilet will not clear a clog if that is the source of the problem. Instead, it will cause more water to flow, and this is where the real problems begin, as it could eventually spill over from the toilet. It’s recommended that homeowners attempt to plunge the toilet first to prevent an overflow. 

Stop the Flow of Water

If the water has already started to pool on the floor, it’s important to stop more water from overflowing. The fastest and most effective way to do so would be to find the shut-off valve and turn the water off at the source. This valve is typically located at the base of the toilet. 

For matters that are less urgent, it may be possible to stop the flow of water by making sure the flapper valve inside the tank has closed. It’s easy to remove the lid off the back of the toilet tank and locate the circular rubber valve at the bottom. These steps will stop more water from coming from the toilet, which will prevent the spread of water damage. 

Cut the Room Off 

Whether the toilet is overflowing in an office space or residential location, it’s important to block access to the affected area for safety reasons. Not only is there a risk of slipping and falling, but toilet backups can also put you at risk for exposure to different bacteria and hazardous waste. 

If the toilet is leaking in a home, you may have to shut the door until help arrives and use towels to prevent the water from leaving the bathroom. Barricades are crucial to prevent the spread of water damage to other areas. 

For commercial settings, it may be easier to set up some caution signs or close the bathroom until the issue is resolved. The exact steps that are taken here will depend on how much overflowing water has actually filled the area.

Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company 

After taking the necessary safety precautions, it’s important to contact a Baltimore water damage restoration company right away. Time is the biggest enemy when dealing with any water damage, but it can be especially detrimental when there is contamination or hazardous waste. The bacteria can spread more rapidly and cause a health and safety risk. It can also increase the amount of secondary water damage, including mold, odor, and rot.

It’s important to choose water damage specialists who offer emergency services. These companies are available 24/7, so they can always be contacted to start the restoration process immediately. Professionals will know how to handle the entire process when you experience overflowing toilet water damage, so you can sit back and relax while they:

  • Thoroughly assess the damage and source of the clog.
  • Create an effective treatment plan to quickly restore the affected area.
  • Work with your insurance company, if necessary, to get coverage for the damage.
  • Extract all the water and dry the space to prevent secondary damage.
  • Sanitize and clean any surfaces and property contents.

Learn More About Toilet Overflow Water Damage in Baltimore

If you need help with emergency toilet overflow water damage, Contact First & Last Restoration Emergency Restoration. Our line is open 24/7, so we can come to your Baltimore home or office no matter when disaster strikes. You can reach us by calling or filling out our online quote form. 

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